About M.A.W. Specialized Lawn Care

MAW Lawn Care Company Photo

MAW Lawn Care Company Photo

Just a little history about my company, I took a liking to grass cutting when I was four years old side by side with my dad. I had my fisher price bubble lawn mower and Dad had his self-propelled 21 inch Toro. When I was 10 years old, we moved to a larger home in Maineville OH. My Dad and I went shopping for a riding John Deer mower. He said that if I cut his grass at our new home (over an acre) for nothing for three years the mower would be mine. I rode my bike through our new neighborhood and was able to pick up eleven customers.

My dad asked what I wanted to name my company. I thought of a lot for different names that someone else didn’t have but was not sure what I liked for sure. Dad said it would be for a long time and that name would be on everything, checks, trucks, trailers, stationary, business cards etc. He suggested how about M.A.W. Specialized Lawn Care Service, the M.A.W. standing for my own personal initials; Mark Angelo Williams, he liked it and said lets go for it. We registered the company name in Washington, D.C. I then purchased a gas blower, gas trimmer and John Deer Cart for the back of the riding mower. Icluding my dad’s original 21 inch Toro to haul everything I needed to cut all my new customers lawns. Dad said that I was to tell everyone I guaranteed they would be satisfied or it would be for free. I said are you kidding and he said absolutely not. In my first 6 years of business I only cut one lawn for free. I forgot to cut behind one of my customers shed and he called my house and wasn’t satisfied.

When I turned sixteen years old I advised my father that I could drive now and wanted to go outside of our neighborhood. He signed and leased a brand new Silverado truck for two years, which I had to make the monthly payments for. He was thinking I would get burned out and not want to continue cutting grass, did I surprise him.

In the year of 2000 I purchased my own new 52 inch walk behind John Deer and 24 foot landscaping trailer along with addition equipment and added landscaping work to my business. I took two years of horticulture schooling and felt very comfortable with doing the landscaping work and designs. I have been able to grow my business every year since. In the year of 2010 I incorporated my company.

This being my 19th year in business I have grown to over 170 customers doing more than one half million dollars a year in revenue, have purchased over 50 pieces of equipment, 12 vehicles 9 trailers and employing over 25 hourly employees, an office staff of three salary employees (including my Dad). A great deal of my business is from word to mouth and I surly appreciated all the referrals that everyone has given me. God willing I will be able to continue to grow my business each year with your continued help and from all my employees.

My father and mother wanted me to have everyone know how very proud, thankful and blessed they were in everything that I have done. I also want to thank them, God, the rest of my family, my employees and all my customers for their business and all they have done for myself. Everything is greatly appreciated.