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Bakery Oven

The product application scope of steel belt type food oven includes: bread, cake, biscuit, snack, egg yolk pie, moon cake, etc.
The oven is a large-scale equipment for continuous baking, which can be equipped with production line operation. With automatic temperature control, speed regulation, fault alarm and other features, safe, convenient, environmental protection, energy saving. It meets the production requirements of high efficiency, saving manpower and stable baking quality.
The carbon steel belt used in the oven is made by special heat treatment. It has the advantages of excellent thermal conductivity, high surface flatness, easy to clean, long service life and easy installation.

Heating methods

Electric heating, gas, hot air, infrared, steam

Equipment length


Equipment width


Temperature control

Room temperature350℃(adjustable

Transmit speed


Graphite support group

In order to ensure the best working condition at high temperatures (in ovens and presses), the steel belt should be lubricated with graphite.This reduces the friction between the steel belt and the fixed fittings and protects the surface of the steel belt from wear.

The graphite group consistently delivers consistent quality products. The graphite group is best installed near the terminal hub for easy inspection; It is mounted on a spring to ensure continuous contact between the graphite slide and the steel belt.

Generally, we can provide graphite support groups for steel belt of 600mm to 1500mm width, but we can also provide special customization for wider steel belt.

Steel belt lubricant

Steel belt supported by cast iron sliders in transmission systems (usually ovens) should lubricate the inside of their steel belt. Can be lubricated with graphite or selected lubricants.

After installing a new belt, it should be lubricated before starting and lubricated regularly to ensure less friction and wear between the belt and the belt support.

Of course, it is also recommended to apply a graphite lubricant to each new cast iron slide before installation.

Graphite milk should be diluted with water according to a ratio of 1:10 (one part graphite milk, ten parts water). In order to dilute it evenly, the water should be slowly poured into the graphite milk and constantly stirred. Stir well and serve.

0.15L, 0.25L and 5L graphite milk can be used.