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Steel Belt Auxiliary Services

Steel Belt Auxiliary Services

Vee-ropes for Tracking and Blocking

    The steel belts are welded with V shaped ropes named Vee Ropes. These V shaped ropes play an important role in the running of different applications. Given that, they are mainly used for straight tracking and blocking of liquid. A special process developed by Naut ensures the perfect adhesion of these V-ropes. However for the cooling system, the strip is suitable for affixing to the outer edge of the roller or to insert the strip into the grooved roller to ensure the normal operation of the transmission equipment.

Ideal material of vee-ropes

    Nitrile rubber for operation temperatures from -20°C up to +110°C
    Natural rubber for operating temperatures from -60°C up to +70°C
    silicone rubber for operating temperatures from -80°C up to +200°C

V-Ropes adhesion equipment

Over 2000mm wide of the bonding equipments at Naut workshop