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Q1:What are the causes of belts deviation?

      Many reasons will cause belt deviation, following are the most common reason.

  • Equipment accuracy is not high, the main performance in the device frame of the straightness and the drive wheel of the error is large, that is, the non - "rectangle"
  • the belt is not correct or the adjustment method is wrong
  • belts line is not high, the real requirements of belt transmission is extremely straight (such as≤3mm/50M)
  • The flatness of the belts is poor, resulted uneven stress;
  • Bell mouth phenomenon in a steel belt, that is the perimeter zone is not equal to both sides
  • Unevenness heating, cooling, pressure and tension.

Q2: What kind of steel belt is the highest quality steel belt?                                 

   The first condition of a good steel belt is to use long life and meet the requirements of the process. Superior performance in NAUT steel belt is:
   ○ Special processed imported materials         ○ Excellent linearity        

   ○ Good flatness                                        ○ Excellent mechanical properties
   ○ Perfect welding quality                            ○ Excellent steel belt accessories

一)Steel belt flatness process 

二)Steel belt edge trimming

Q3If the performance of steel belt will be changed in a high temperature?

   There would be some changes in the different levels of steel belt at different temperatures, but this change is to ensure the quality and as premised.

Q4How long is the service life of the steel belts?

      The service life of the steel belt decided by many aspects, we can not put forward such a question to a certain user, give an accurate answer, because the application of the belts is also very wide, and the using demand is different. Some of the industry and users can use for more than ten years, some only a few short months. The following aspect will affect the service life of the steel belt.

    ● Human factor

         That Refers to the deformation caused by improper operation, deviation, crack, bulge, scratches etc.. Tips: the normative operating system is very important.

    ● Equipment factor

         Unreasonable equipment design, the aging of the components, the rectification or the limit device failure, no steel belt protection device, etc..

    ● Work environment factor

        〉Running speed

        〉Working strength

        〉Service time

    ● Care an maintenance

         Timing, regular inspections, early stage detection and maintenance, regular replacement or cleaning of the device and accessories impacting the steel belt quality.

Q5If the original steel belts can be replaced by the NAUT steel belt?

      Of course you can. A successful replacement will highlight the advantages of NAUT steel belt in some ways. Only if we should know the model, the current working environment and specific size of the original steel belt, so as to achieve the ideal conditions for use.

Q6:What can we do when steel belt local damaged?

      The following three methods of repairing and improving will be acceptable according to the position of steel belt damaged and evaluation needed by the technology.

     Some Site maintenance requires for strong welding,some want a higher flatness; some need more accuracy surface, NAut can provide more on-site repair proposal.

Q7V guide drop off from the belts?

      The special splice adhesive tape technology on site can rapidly glue it on belt surface. The adhesive tape is very firm, in addition, it is difficult to fall off and wear.


Q8Can old steel belt be renew?

       Belt can be renewed at follows condition

        ◇Surface attachment;

        ◇Can not up to the requirements of the technology requirements;

        ◇When there are minor surface scratches;


      The renovation process is limited to the second grinding, polishing, processing of old steel belt surface

Q9Can the steel belt be cut narrow?

     When there’s some small range of deformation, tear, stretching or other damage of the steel belt on both sides when in production, belt may be appropriate cut to narrow in the occasion not affect the production engineer , so as to avoid unnecessary serious consequences.

Q10Why should cooperate with NAUT?                                       

      NUAT is a standard enterprise with well scale, technology and reputable, which will be the best choice for your cooperation. Except having an own strong technical team, NUAT cited Europe and japan advance processing device, raw materials and production technology. In order to ensure the product quality and customer’s trust, we spare no expense.